Jeeraga Sanna Fragrant Rice
Jeeraga Sanna Fragrant Rice
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Jeeraga Sanna Fragrant Rice

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  • Aromatic and tasty rice

  • 100% organic

  • Chemical-free and pesticide free

Jeeraga Sanna Rice is a small, slender-grained rice from Karnataka. The rice is called Jeeraga because of its physical resemblance to cumin seeds or jeera. Because of its mild fragrance and absorbing properties, it is popularly used to make biryanis, pulavs, and other varieties of rice dishes. Jeeraga Sanna Rice is easy to cook and light on the stomach.

The Story

Interestingly, the paddy of all “jeeraga” rice are similar in shape and size. The rice grown in Kerala is called Jeerakasala, in Tamil Nadu, it is called Jeeraga Samba, and we have Jeeraga Sanna in Karnataka.

Bio Basics sources Jeeraga Sanna Rice from a third-party certified farmers’ group in Belgaum. It is grown, harvested, stored and aged. The rice is freshly milled every two months and supplied to us.

Most people associate fragrant rice with Basmati rice, unaware that we have a large cornucopia of fragrant rices in different rice-growing states in India. Bio Basics, through its initiative called ‘Beyond Basmati’ have taken the lead to promote fragrant rices from different parts of India.


  • Easy to digest
  • Contains selenium that helps prevent cancer of colon and intestine


  • Once opened, take the rice out of the plastic pouch and store in an airtight container.
  • If not used regularly, dry the rice in the shade after 2-3 weeks. Or add a few cloves, bay leaves or chillies to keep it free from infestation.
  • If purchased in a cloth bag, transfer to an airtight container immediately on receiving it.
  • If the rice is stocked during monsoon, please take extra care to keep the rice away from moisture.
  • Don’t worry if you find bugs in your long stored rice. This is normal when grain is grown organically, and processed and stored naturally. Sun dry for an hour, shade dry for another two hours, clean the rice and put it back in the container along with some cloves, bay leaves or chillies. "


  • Use an open vessel to cook 1 cup rice : 2 cups water. The rice holds its shape well after cooking.

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