Gandhasaale Fragrant Rice (Raw)
Gandhasaale Fragrant Rice (Raw)
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Gandhasaale Fragrant Rice (Raw)

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  • Native variety of aromatic rice from Kerala

  • Excellent for making biriyani, pulav and risotto

  • Grown organically

Gandhasaale Fragrant Rice is an unusual variety of raw rice that grows in the Western Ghats. The grains are small, slightly plump with a beautiful fragrance, that makes it ideal for making biriyanis and pulavs. It can also be used for making south-east Asian dishes such as risotto. The rice tastes delicious and is a favourite among people in this region.


The Story

Farmers tell us that Gandhasaale Rice was also grown in the plains. Although it had a good yield, the rice had no fragrance. To bring out the best in this rice, high altitude and the low night temperature that the hilly regions provide, are required.

Bio Basics sources it from a PGS-certified farmers' group in Wyannad. As with all varieties of raw rice, Gandhasaale Rice is aged for 4-5 months after harvesting. The rice is then milled at regular intervals and supplied to us. This process ensures optimum cooking quality of the rice.

Most people associate fragrant rice with Basmati rice, unaware that we have a large cornucopia of fragrant rices in different rice-growing states in India. Bio Basics, through its initiative called ‘Beyond Basmati’ have taken the lead to promote fragrant rices from different parts of India. 


  • Easy to digest


  • Once the package is opened, store the rice in an airtight container in a cool and dry place.
  • Refrigerate long-stored rice to retain its properties and keep it fresh.


  • Open vessel: 1 cup rice : 2.5 cups water.

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