Thuya Malli Rice (Semi-polished, Raw)
Thuya Malli Rice (Semi-polished, Raw)
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Thuya Malli Rice (Semi-polished, Raw)

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  • Suitable for daily consumption

  • Grown organically in PGS-certified farms

  • Good cooking quality and taste

Thuya Malli is a traditional white rice from Tamil Nadu. It is semi-polished white rice with 15-20% bran. The long, slender grains resemble white jasmine flowers when cooked. This is why the rice was named Thuya Malli, which means ‘fresh jasmine blooms’ in Tamil. Thuya Malli Rice has good cooking quality and taste. You can use it as table rice or to make a variety of rice dishes like tomato rice, coconut rice, lemon rice, and tamarind rice. You can even use Thuya Malli Rice to make an everyday biryani or pulav, where an aromatic rice is not required.


The Story

The rice is grown organically in PGS and third-party certified organic farms. The farmers’ group is part of a farmer-producer organisation, managed by a very reputed NGO, who has been working with farmers for about 30 years. Besides guiding and helping the farmers, the NGO also processes the rice in their own mills.

Cultivated during the samba season, which is the main growing season in Tamil Nadu, the seeds are sown in September and harvested by December-January. The paddy is then kept for aging for 4-5 months and freshly milled fresh for us. The entire process of sowing, processing, milling, and storage is done without the use of any chemicals.


  • Rich in fiber
  • Has Vitamin B which is good for the nerves
  • High in protein and calcium
  • Especially good for children, pregnant and new mothers, and athletes


  • Store in an airtight container. Keep container in a cool and dry place.
  • Add a few cloves, bay leaves or chillies to keep the rice free from infestation.
  • It is normal to find bugs in long-stored rice that is grown organically. Dry in the sun for an hour or in the shade for two hours to get rid of bugs.


  • Pressure cooker: 1 cup rice : 2.5 cups water. Cook on high flame for up to three whistles.

  • Open vessel: 1 cup rice : 3 cups water. Boil water before adding rice and cook on low flame for 20 minutes. Drain excess water once rice is cooked.




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